Bill Caballero Bi-National Mambo Orchestra

Bill Caballero trumpet Leader
Steve Ebner trumpet solo on 3. and 10.
Jack Hauten trumpet solo on 9.
Tim Jamison trumpet solo on 6. and 12.
Dick McGuane alto sax. solo on 6. and 11.
Steve Steinberg alto sax. solo on 1.
Bob Cambell tenor sax. solo on 5. and 7.
Fermin Rivero tenor sax. solo on 9. and 12.
Mike Carnahan Baritone sax. solo on 4. and 11.
Roy Brown trombone solo on 4. and 12.
April West trombone solo on 10.
Rob Clark trombone solo on 5. and 12.
Jon Klokow trombone solo on 3. and 11.
Fred Ubaldo Jr. bass
Danny Green piano solo on 2. and 6.
Manny Cepeda timbales solo on 11.
Roy Gonzalez congas/bongos solo on 5.
Charly Chavez bongos/timbales

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	Performed at Dizzy's on January 27,2006
	Recorded by Hiro Ikezi


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