Bone Fest 2010

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Tenor Trombone: Gary Bucher, Kevin Esposito, Scott Kyle, Paul Nowell, Dan Reagan, Dave Scott, Matt Smith, April West, Bill Yeager
Bass Trombone: Greg Sorscek, Roger Wright
Piano: John Opferkuch
Bass: Justin Grinnell
Drums: Mike Holguin
Night in Tunesia, by Dizzy Gilespie – 8 bone parts, Features: Kevin Esposito
I'll Remember April, by Gene De Paul – 8 bone parts, Features: Dan Reagan & John Opferkuch (piano)
Senior Salsa, by Dave Scott – 4 bone parts, Features: Dave Scott & April West
All the Things You Are/Prince Albert, by Jerome Kern/Kenny Dorham & Max Roach – 4 bone parts, Features: Matt Smith, Gary Bucher, Bill Yeager (Bone & Vocals) & Mike Holguin (Drums)
The Nearness of You, by Hoagy Carmichael – 2 bone parts, Features: Paul Nowell, Scott Kyle & Justin Grinnell (Bass)
Pink Panther, by Henry Mancini, arr. Tutti Camarata – 10 bone parts, Features: Roger Wright (Bass Trombone) & Gary Bucher
Blues for Bones, by Michael Davis – 5 bone parts, Features: John Opferkuch (piano), Greg Sorscek, Dan Reagan, Scott Kyle, Kevin Esposito, Paul Nowell & Matt Smith
In the Wee Small Hours, by David Mann, arr. Greg Sorscek – 6 bone parts, Features: Greg Sorscek, John Opferkuch (piano)
Bangkok Bop (Just Friends), by Bill Yeager – 4 bone parts, Features: Dan Reagan, Dave Scott, Gary Bucher, Bill Yeager (bone and vocals) & Mike Holguin (drums)
Mood Indigo, by Duke Ellington – 3 bone parts, Features: April West
Lament, by JJ Johnson – 2 bone parts, Features: Kevin Esposito & Scott Kyle
Lassus Trombones, Henry Fillmore, arr. Tutti Camarata – 10 bone parts, Features: Bill Yeager
	Performed at Dizzy's on July 13,2010
	Recorded by Hiro Ikezi
        Mixing by Scott Kyle and Hiro Ikezi


  • Dizzy's
  • Scott Kyle
  • Paul Nowell
  • Dave Scott
  • Bill Yeager
  • John Opferkuch
  • Justin Grinnell
  • Mike Holguin

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